Drouot House drouot

The Island of Elba is undoubtedly the best place to learn more about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.
But if the official residences only deliver us mainly a public dimension of the Emperor, to deepen the intimacy of the man you can visit the Casetta Drouot, reopened after two hundred years.

During the exile of 1814 the house was home to Count Antoine Drouot, trusted general who was then assigned the role of governor of the island.
Surrounded by chestnut trees, in Poggio, one of the tallest island, the eighteenth-century building was often preferred to Villa San Martino and Villa dei Mulini for the most delicate moments, such as the secret meeting with Maria Walewska.
A decade-long restoration has restored the original features and found books that belonged to Napoleon.
The house can be visited by appointment.