Where we are Biodola

The Hotel Biodola is a 4-star hotel settled in the centre of the Biodola's resplendent beaches.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most extraordinary bays of the Island of Elba.
From this vantage point, when the seas are their most limpid, when the crystal-clear waters and the cobalt blue of the skies are most enticing, you will be able to glimpse in the distance the islands of Corsica and Capraia.
The transparent water, the golden beach that slowly slopes down to the sea, and the vegetation Mediterranean patches that circle the Hotel Biodola, will forever make you feel that you were once in contact with one of the most authentic natural settings that this planet has gifted us.
From this position, in a few minutes, you can easily reach Portoferraio, the Marina di Campo airport, and the centre of Procchio.
Also from this site, you are able to set off on unforgettable trekking excursions passing through one of Italy's most beautiful national parks.

Points of interest near the Hotel

  • Procchio: 6 km – 10 min. by car
  • Portoferraio / Porto: 7 km – 10 min. by car
  • Marina di Campo Airport: 9 km – 15 min. by car
  • Marina di Campo: 13 km – 20 min. by car
  • Marciana Marina: 13 km – 20 min. by car
  • Capoliveri: 17 km – 25 min. by car
  • Porto Azzurro: 17 km – 25 min. by car
  • Rio Marina: 21 km – 34 min. by car